Lausitzring Sunday Race Reults

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
It was a double-win weekend for somebody at the Lausitzring in Germany. In fact, in both races, it was the smae people atanding atop the podium, one-two-three, at the end of both races.

Read on to find out who stood where, and what the total points race now looks like...

Troy Bayliss (Ducati Infostrada) added two more wins to his season totalwith a double victory in front of 78,000 spectators at the Lausitzring(Germany) today, taking his 2002 score to 11 and his career record to 19.

The two 24-lap races saw identical podiums, with Colin Edwards (Honda)taking second ahead of Ruben Xaus (Ducati Infostrada), while Ben Bostrom(Ducati L&M) finished fifth and fourth.

In race 1 Troy shadowed Edwards until lap 15 when he overtook him underbraking. The Ducati Infostrada rider then held off the pressure from theTexan to win by half-a-second. "This morning in the warm-up Colin wentso fast so I had to go and change a few little things on the bike at thelast minute to find something extra," said Troy.

"It was one of thehardest races I've ever had because this track is so twisty and Colinwas with me all the time. There wasn't any room for error out there, andneither of us put a foot wrong."

In race 2 Troy was under pressure fromhis team-mate Xaus for a few laps but eventually pulled away to take hiseleventh win of the year. "I made a couple of mistakes through lack ofconcentration. I think I needed someone to help me focus on the race andthen Ruben came along. After the first race, I had told him to change thebike to make things better for the next one and he did, so I don't thinkI'll tell him anything anymore! It's been another marvellous weekendwith a my fifth double win of the year."

Xaus (Ducati Infostrada) moved into third on lap 3 when he passed Bostromand stayed in that position until the end. "At the beginning I thoughtit was better to hang back because Hodgson and Ben were close to eachother and it was hard to pass them," declared Ruben. "Once I was throughI tried to go with Troy and Colin, but they were lapping at such a quickpace and so I settled for third. It was difficult to keep concentrationbecause this is quite a twisty track and the races are long."

In race 2Ruben set a new lap record on lap 7, but after catching and passing Troy,he was unable to keep the pace for 24 laps and finished behind Edwards inthird. "I was catching Troy after a bad start but at one corner afterthe chicane he was doing so well and he beat me all the time there. Ipassed him but then made one mistake, went too deep into the corner andscraped my elbow hard on the ground. So I realized I was lucky and had torelax a bit. I tried to go again but Colin passed me and I settled forthird. I was close to a win this time, hopefully I'll be there the nextrace."

Bostrom (Ducati L&M) was third after lap 1, but was passed by Xaus andHaga on lap 13 to eventually finish fifth. "I lost half a second to Troybut I was determined to stay with the leaders and I was braking reallydeep to keep up with them," declared Ben. "And then on lap 3 I justbraked too deep and ran right off the track. Looking at their lap times Idon't reckon I could have stayed with them, but at least we could haveraced for third."

Bostrom held the lead for the first two laps of race2, before settling for fourth place just off the podium. "I certainlygave those guys something to think about at the start!" he added. "Thebike was as good as it gets today and fun to ride, a big thanks to theteam. I had the fastest bike around but I was braking real hard in thecorners and was just unable to stay with the top 3 after the first fewlaps."

RACE 1:1. BAYLISS (DUCATI INFOSTRADA) 24 laps in 40:06.073;2. Edwards (Honda) +0.651;3. Xaus (Ducati Infostrada) +18.966;4. Haga (Aprilia);5. Bostrom (Ducati L&M);6. Chili (Ducati NCR);7. Toseland (HM Plant Ducati);8. Lavilla (Suzuki).RACE 2 :1. BAYLISS (DUCATI INFOSTRADA) 24 laps in 40:09.633;2. Edwards (Honda) +1.650;3. Xaus (Ducati Infostrada) +5.065;4. Bostrom (Ducati L&M);5. Haga (Aprilia);6. Chili (Ducati NCR);7. Toseland (HM Plant Ducati);8. Hodgson (HM Plant Ducati).POINTS : Riders1. Bayliss (Ducati) 310;2. Edwards (Honda) 271;3. Hodgson (Ducati) 165;4. Haga (Aprilia) 153;5. Xaus (Ducati) 152;6. Bostrom (Ducati) 143; etc.
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