Road America Saturday Results

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
It was probably the best race of the year. No matter what brand of bike you cheer for, no matter who your favorite rider is, chances are, at one point, he was up there mixing it up for the lead.

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It was Honda's Nicky Hayden with the holeshot, but his teammate Miguel Duhamel wasn't far behind. Neither, in fact, was the Kawasaki of Eric Bostrom, or the three Suzukis of Yates, Hacking and Mladin.

In the end of it all, it was Miguel Duhamel who would stand atop the podium after a feirce race-long battle with Hayden, Bostrom and Yates. It was Miguel's first win in almost two years, and it nicely follows his three second-place finishes and three third-place finishes he has already logged this season.

Lappers played a huge part in the race, at one point dropping Eric Bostrom from the lead, back to fourth all at once. They also helped Bostrom get back around Nicky on the last lap, ensuring a second-place finish.

Other highlights were a hard-charging Suzuki rider by the name of Jamie Hacking who, along with other Suzuki riders, seemed to be facing handling issues for much of the race. The GSX-Rs could be seen swapping violently at times, and may have caused the eventual offing of Hacking going into turn-one following a serious bit of headshake down the previous straightaway. Thankfully, Hacking appeared unhurt.

1. Miguel DuHamel (Honda)2. Eric Bostrom (Kawasaki)3. Aaron Yates (Suzuki)4. Nicky Hayden (Honda)5. Mat Mladin (Suzuki)6. Doug Chandler (Ducati)7. Pascal Picotte (Ducati)8. Jake Zemke (Honda)9. Jason Disalvo (Suzuki)10. Brian Livengood (Suzuki)
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Brent Avis
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