Silverstone WSB Race Reults

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
It was an interesting weekend at Silverstone this weekend. Weather was anything but sunny, and some of the top riders had trouble staying atop their bikes.

Finally, everything came to an exciting conclusion...

Title arch-rivals Colin Edwards and Troy Bayliss shared the spoils at theSilverstone sixth round of the World Superbike championship in Great Britainon Sunday.

Edwards won the incident-packed opening race in treacherous conditions over20 laps of the 3.16-mile circuit. Championship leader Bayliss made the earlyrunning but crashed on lap three. That left Edwards in control on the SP-2as the Texan eased away and controlled the race for the 22nd World Superbikewin of his career.

“I was quite happy to sit behind Troy in the early stages and see if hewould make a mistake,” admitted Edwards. “I knew the two of us were pullingaway from the rest so it was pointless me trying to get away on lap three ofa 20-lap race in those conditions. I was very pleased with the SP-2 machineand the Michelin tyres. I went for a softer compound rear tyre hoping itwouldn’t rain again so when it did start raining again I had to take it easyfor a few laps.”

Aprilia’s Noriyuki Haga finished a lonely second with Neil Hodgson third togive the damp home fans something to cheer about. Behind Pier-FrancescoChili in fourth place came Bayliss, the Australian rider rejoined the raceafter his third lap crash then crashed out of eighth place on lap seven,rejoining once more to climb to fifth.

Edwards said: “I had a bit of everything happen before the race and with allof that I thought it was better just to get to the finish and second placeand 20 points had to do this afternoon. My biggest problem out there wasvisibility - I couldn’t see a thing, which is why I made the move on Troyand led the race, to get out of the spray, but even then I was struggling tosee. It’s not been a bad day overall though and I’ve closed the gap to thelead of the championship.”

Ruben Xaus improved from his first race eighth place to complete anall-Michelin rostrum after the Spaniard took third his fifth top threefinish of the year. Chris Walker had the 61,00 fans going wild as he won anall-British battle for fourth place, edging wild card Ducati rider Shane Byrneinto fifth and Neil Hodgson into sixth. Heckles was forced out of therace after crashing, without injury, on lap six.

"I was pretty mad with myself after race 1 but my wife and my team guys sorted me out for the second race" Bayliss said. "These things happen occasionally, but I don't want them to happen again and although I lost a handful of points to Colin, we're back on track for the championship". Then, referring to the gesture he made after taking the chequered flag, Troy added: "I was just so happy to have won, the gesture I made was just to release all the tension inside me. I'm sorry that it was interpreted in the wrong way".

NORIYUKI HAGA (Playstation2 - FGF Aprilia Team rider) said: "I don't much like riding in the rain but the RSV Mille went like a bomb: both the set-up and the tyres were just right. It would have been easy to make a mistake but I was fast and careful. We could have done just as well in the second race: I started off the same, but then the sun came out and the track dried up, so I didn't do as well as I might have done."

Superbike Results :Race 1 : Laps 20 = 101,880 kmPos /Rider /Nat. /Team /Time /Gap1/Colin Edwards/USA/ (Castrol Honda)/43'27.508/2/Noriyuki Haga/JPN/(Playstation2-FGF Aprilia) 43'34.866/7.3583/Neil Hodgson/GBR/(HM Plant Ducati)/44'00.498/32.994/Pierfrancesco Chili/ITA/(Ducati NCR Axo)/44'19.106/51.5985/Troy Bayliss/AUS/(Ducati Infostrada)/44'22.230/54.7226/Mark Heckles/GBR/(Castrol Honda Rumi)/44'28.636/1'01.1287/Ben Bostrom/USA/(Ducati L & M)/44'30.139/1'02.6318/Ruben Xaus/ESP/(Ducati Infostrada)/44'40.033/1'12.5259/Shane Byrne/GBR/(Renegade Ducati)/44'42.734/1'15.22610/James Toseland/GBR/(HM Plant Ducati)/44'51.178/1'23.67011/Eric Bostrom/USA/(Kawasaki Racing)/44'56.126/1'28.61812/Michael Rutter/GBR/(Renegade Ducati)/44'56.352/1'28.84413/Peter Goddard/AUS/(Benelli Sport)/45'02.106/1'34.59814/Chris Walker/GBR/(Kawasaki Racing)/45'27.802/2'00.29415/Mauro Sanchini/ITA/(Kawasaki Bertocchi)/43'38.250/1 LapFastest Lap Troy Bayliss - 2'05.551 - 146,063 Km/hRace 2: Laps 20 = 101,880 kmPos /Rider /Nat. /Team /Time /Gap1/Troy Bayliss/AUS/(Ducati Infostrada)/41'20.474/2/Colin Edwards/USA/(Castrol Honda)/41'25.383/4.9093/Ruben Xaus/ESP/(Ducati Infostrada)/41'37.130/16.6564/Chris Walker/GBR/(Kawasaki Racing)/42'18.909/58.4355/Shane Byrne/GBR/(Renegade Ducati)/42'21.540/1'01.0666/Neil Hodgson/GBR/(HM Plant Ducati)/42'32.455/1'11.9817/Juan Bautista Borja/ESP/(Spaziotel Racing)/42'35.886/1'15.4128/Ben Bostrom/USA/(Ducati L & M)/42'37.796/1'17.3229/James Toseland/GBR/HM Plant Ducati/42'45.360/1'24.88610/Noriyuki Haga/JPN/(Playstation2-FGF Aprilia)/43'01.781/1'41.30711/Pierfrancesco Chili/ITA/(Ducati NCR Axo)/43'15.792/1'55.31812/Broc Parkes/AUS/(Ducati NCR Parmalat)/43'18.242/1'57.76813/Alessandro Antonello/ITA/(DFX Racing Ducati Pirelli)/43'20.834/2'00.36014/Gregorio Lavilla/ESP/(Alstare Suzuki Corona)/41'27.499/1 Lap15/Peter Goddard/AUS/(Benelli Sport)/41'29.601/1 LapFastest Lap Troy Bayliss - 2'02.145 - 150,136 Km/hChampionship points after six of 13 rounds:1 Bayliss 260,2 Edwards 231,3 Hodgson 157,4 Haga 129,5 Xaus 120,6 Bostrom 119,7 Toseland 81,8 Walker 73,9 Lavilla 60,10 Borja 53,11 Izutsu 47,12 Tamada 45,13 Chili 38,14 Pedercini 27,15 E.Bostrom 26.Manufacturers points:1 Ducati 270,2 Honda 236,3 Aprilia 129,4 Kawasaki 108,5 Suzuki 60,6 Yamaha 16.
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