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Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
HMC Ducati Rider Doug Chandler will not compete in today’s AMA Superbikerace at Road Atlanta due to injuries sustained in a crash during yesterday’sfinal qualifying session. Despite considerable pain, Chandler rode in thismorning’s warm-up session but was forced to retire early. His injuries,which include a dislocated right thumb, a bruised left foot and bruising tothe left hip, are all relatively minor but are severely restricting hismovement on the bike.

Chandler was running fourth fastest in the qualifying session when he highsided in turn three, coming down hard on his left side before tumbling intothe air fence. X-rays at the local hospital showed no sign of bone damagebut both rider and team feel it best not to aggravate the injuries andconcentrate their attention on Colorado in two weeks.

“I was really happy with the bike’s set-up and handling in the qualifyingsession,” said Chandler. “We were on a new tire and I was trying to do agood lap. I got a good drive up the hill and got through the kink but I musthave been carrying more speed than I normally would have, which is a shamebecause I already had it in the back of my mind not to mess with thatcorner, but I was already going through there too fast and the back let go. There’s no room for error [in turn three] and I’d already backed it off anotch, but it obviously wasn’t enough.

“Of all the points to hurt these are the worst ones. Your right hand isyour throttle and brake. I can’t lift my leg on the shifter and it’sdifficult to move around properly on the bike, so it’s best to leave it forthis race and get ready for Colorado.”

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