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Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
Yossef Schvetz is still at Monza. Heres more updates:
A wet and cold track greeted WSBK riders at this morning’s second qualifying session. This of course prevented anybody who was not up the 107% limit in qualifying times from even entering tomorrow’s race grid.

That also meant big troubles for Rueben Xaus who was yesterday only in 17th position and did not even make it into Superpole, a big no-no when you are a Ducati Corse boy.

By midday things were warming up in more than one way. With a dry track lap times were dropping big time with Hodgson, Bayliss and a truly reinvigorated Chili dipping bellow the absolute lap record from last year. Chili’s endeavor was double impressive since Monza is his comeback race after his Xaus induced crash at Kyalami.

By Superpole time, the sun has started to shine and all was set for the big showdown between Edwards and the Ducati Armada. First man out was Aussie Broc Parkes who almost run down a crazy guy who against orders crossed the track in mid front straight while Parkes was approaching him at 170 MPH!

Superpole is mainly about not making any mistakes and the big losers in the game were Ben Bostrom who approached the second chicane all crossed up and dropped from his nice fourth place in qualifying to 10th and Chris Walker who’s been doing fine all weekend only to miss a gear in the Ascari turns and dropped to 15th.

Big winners were Haga who lifted himself up to 5th place and an unsuspected Lucio Pedercini who climbed from 14th to 7th just before an improving Eric Bostrom.

Which brings us up to our second update on Eric’s Italian adventure:

MO: How is it going Eric?
EB: It’s fun, but we (Eric and Chris Walker) need to to drop the times on race tires. We’re like 1:50’ and we need to be 1:49’. We need to make some time.

MO: Do you have a good race tire?
EB: (laughs) Well its like… one tire is really good on the slow stuff and one is really good on the fast corners so…

MO: Still you ended up 8th, the first four-cylinder bike out there…
EB: Oh yeah? really? Didn’t know that…

MO: Good luck tomorrow.

1 Neil Hodgson HM Plant Ducati 998R 1:47.9132 Colin Edwards Castrol Honda VTR-SP2 1:48.4133 Troy Bayliss Ducati Infostrada 998R 1:48.4154 Pierfrancesco Chili NCR Ducati 998R 1:48.6625 Noriyuki Haga Aprilia Racing RSV 1000 SP 1:49.2066 James Toseland HM Plant Ducati 996R 1:49.5417 Lucio Pedercini Ducati 996R 1:49.8008 Eric Bostrom Kawasaki Racing ZX-7RR 1:50.1509 Steve Martin DFX Ducati 996R 1:50.03510 Ben Bostrom L&M Ducati 998R 1:50.091
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