The Speed Channel Responds

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
After this morning's rant about Speed Channel's interruption of the AMA Pro Honda Supersport race from Sears Point, a number of people took the time to send in comments to the channel. For this, we all thank you as they've since posted an apology on their site.

You can head over to Speed Channel's site and read the apology or read on for a few excerpts ...

From Speed Channel:

"WhentheliveAMASupersportracewasinterruptedyesterdayafteronlythreelapsinorderto show the Winston Cup Wrap Up show from the Pontiac Excitement 400 at Richmondthe motorcycle fans that faithfully support and watch SPEED Channel wereunderstandably annoyed..."

"The bad news is obvious; the motorcycleaudience was robbed of LIVE coverage from a great race. The good news is that nowthat this scenario has played itself out it should never happen again."

"'LIVE programming is not supposed to be interrupted,' SPEED Channel President JimLiberatore said simply. 'It just shouldn't have happened but because of the rainout atRichmond we were put in a position we hadn't anticipated and we made a bad choice. Ihope the coverage Speed supplies week in and week out for motorcycle enthusiastswould support the fact that in this instance, we simply screwed up.'"

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