Doug Lampkin Takes the Fifth

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Englishman Dougie Lampkin clinched the 2001 World Trials Championship atJulia deLoria, Andorra, making this his fifth consecutive title. The Montesa rider finished second in both roundsheld atAndorra this weekend to put the title beyond the reach of Takahisa Fujinami(Honda)who finished fourth in both the Andorran rounds.

A very happy Lampkin said: " "I'm obviously delighted to have taken thechampionshipearly, and I thought I had done enough to win today, but to be fair toGraham he musthave had a brilliant last lap as I rode well this afternoon...

"I like to winevery trial I ride in,but I must learn to accept I will be beaten on occasions. It's been afantastic seasonagain, my Dad and my cousin James have worked really hard at every round,andthe guy's at Montesa ­ HRC have also given me great support. I know it's anindividualsport, but I would like to thank all my team for helping me to the titleagain."

"All in all I am very pleased with how the season has gone, but it has beendifficult this weekend for one reason or another."

"After I have celebrated with my family and friends a little, my next taskis to win in the Czech Republic in a few weeks time. The championship maybedecided, but there are trials still to be won and work to do if I want tocontinue to win again next year."

"Each year there will riders who are going to challenge me, and this yearhas been no exception, especially with the improved form of both Freixa andRaga, but over a whole season I still believe I have the strength andconsistency to hold them off. I just hope I can do this for a few moreseasons and reach my overall goal of beating Tarres' record of sevenoutdoortitles, although I already have a new record having won five in a rowcompared to his three."

Results:Saturday:1. Marc Freixa (E-Sherco) 78, 2 Doug Lampkin (GB-Montesa) 82, 3 GrahamJarvis (GB-Sherco) 86, 4 Takahisa Fujinami (J-Honda) 89, 5 Marc Colomer(E-GasGas) 90, 6 David Cobos (E-Montesa) 91, 7 Adam Rega (E-GasGas) 92,8 Jose Manuel Alcaraz (E-Montesa) 94, 9 Kenichi Kuroyama (J-Beta) 101,10 Steve Colley (GB-GasGas) 106, 11 Marcel Justribo (E-Sherco) 106, 12JordiPascuet (E-GasGas) 107, 13 Josep Manzano (E-Sherco) 108, 14 AlbertCabestany(E-Beta) 111, 15 Amos Bilbao (E-Montesa) 117.Sunday:1 Jarvis 17, 2 Lampkin 18, 3 Freixa 21, 4 Fujinami 22, 5 Colomer 23, 6Cobos 34,7 Cabestany 35, 8 Pascuet 35, 9 Koruyama 37, 10 Raga 42, 11 Justribo 44,12 Alcaraz 46, 13 Colley 59, 14 Bilbao 59, 15 Manzano 67.WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POSITIONS:1 Lampkin (WORLD CHAMPION) 298, 2 Fujinami 235, 3 Freixa 218, 4 Jarvis 194,5 Raga 169, 6 Colomer 150, 7 Cabestany 139, 8 Cobos 131, 9 Kuroyama 128,10 Colley 99, 11 Justribo 91, 12 Alcaraz 66, 13 Manzano 58, 14 Pascuet 38,15 Bruno Camozzi (F-Gas-Gas) 32.
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Brent Avis
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