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Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
American Honda revealed today a new concept bike at The HondaInternational Superbike Classic at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey,California. Dubbed the NAS (New American Sports), this innovative exercise in design and styling takes direct aim at the over-arching theme that motivates the majority of motorcyclists everywhere: gorgeous hardware.

According to Martin Manchester, project director at Honda R&D Americas, "this concept bike takes a new direction in motorcycling, a path that emphasizes the aesthetics in the execution and creation of a sport bike."

Wednesday 11 July '01, 12:05 pst: We've just posted a few more photos we snapped of the Honda NAS. Be sure to check them out.

"Performance always takes a high profile in motorcycling," he contines, "but we were looking to reinforce the emotional attachment that owners have with their bikes. We achieved that goal by placing a major emphasis on the exposed hardware on this machine, dressing itup rather than concealing it behind bodywork.

"We've applied a great deal of forward-looking technology plus distinctive styling touches throughout, and lavished a huge amount of detail work on this bike. Because every bit of hardware on this machine has been designed for aesthetic appeal, the NewAmerican Sports purposely transcends the compromises typically dictated by production, function and cost issues."

With an abundance of eye candy such as carbon fiber, titanium and machined billet aluminum rolled into one package, Honda insists it becomes difficult to list the highlights on this forward thinking exercise.

Centralizing the mass around the engine played a key role in the original design, and the front and rear ends are purposely left with a "light and airy" appearance. A carbon fiber/aluminum mono-arm front suspension (like the ones used on Cannondale's mountain bikes) with a massive steering head and integrated steering damper. The single floating rim-mounted front brake disc (thanks, Blake) is pretty cool as is the fact that the liquid-cooled V-twin engine's radiator is hidden away beneath the bodywork in the abbreviated tail section - just like the Benelli Tornado.

Carbon-fiber skinwork abounds, and the single-sided Pro-Armswing arm incorporates a "skeletonized structure." Four projector beamheadlights lend to a compact nose, and the Indiglow instruments along with the compact controls and switches add to the clean, Spartan look.

As Martin Manchester summarizes, "we set out to re-create the sportscategory using the inherent beauty of well-executed motorcycle hardware. This concept should attract the serious enthusiasts, those who appreciate the high-tech, finely turned-out elements in a motorcycle."

Honda will be releasing more information on this concept bike verysoon. As soon as more information is released, we'll give it to you.

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