AMA Superbike From Laguna

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
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Did he win? We're not saying...Provisional results from the AMA Superbike race at Laguna Seca:

Lap length: 2.2 miles

1. Eric Bostrom, Kawasaki ZX7, 91.562 mph, 28 laps.2. Miguel Duhamel, Honda RC51, 28.3. Mat Mladin, Suzuki GSXR750, 28.4. Jamie Hacking, Suzuki GSXR750, 28.5. Doug Chandler, Kawasaki ZX7, 28.6. Andreas Meklau, Ducati 996, 28.7. Steve Rapp, Ducati 996, 28.8. Tommy Hayden, Yamaha R7, 28.9. Pascal Picotte, Harley-Davidson VR1000, 28.10. Michael Smith, Harley-Davidson VR1000, 28.11. Jordan Szoke, Harley-Davidson VR1000, 28.12. Rich Alexander, Suzuki GSXR750, 27.13. Andrew Deatherage, Suzuki GSXR750, 27.14. Tony Meiring, Suzuki GSXR750, 27.15. Dean Mizdal, Suzuki GSXR750, 27.16. John Dugan, Suzuki GSXR750, 27.17. Alan Schmidt, Suzuki GSXR750, 27.18. Rich Conicelli, Suzuki GSXR750, 27.19. Kim Nakashima, Suzuki GSXR750, 27.20. Ricky Orlando, Suzuki GSXR750, 27.21. Mauro Cereda, Suzuki GSXR750, 26.22. Doug Pitcock, Suzuki GSXR750, 26.23. Edward Milhausen, Suzuki GSXR750, 26.24. Peter Moran, Suzuki GSXR750, 26.25. James King, Suzuki GSXR750, 26.26. Nicky Hayden, Honda RC51, 12.27. Aaron Yates, Suzuki GSXR750, 11.28. Mike Sullivan, Suzuki GSXR750, 11.29. James Randolph, Suzuki GSXR750, 9.30. Larry Pegram, Ducati 996, 4.31. Shawn Reilly, Suzuki GSXR750, 4.
Time of race: 41 minutes, 3.791 seconds.Margin of victory: 2.161 seconds.Lap leaders: Hacking 1-5, 12-16. Yates 8-11.Duhamel 17-21. Bostrom 22-28.Point standings (after 8 of 14 rounds):1. Mat Mladin (260).2. Eric Bostrom (236).3. Doug Chandler (189).4. Tommy Hayden (184).5. Miguel Duhamel (168).
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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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