Gobert Hoping Veggies Do the Trick

Larry Lawrence
by Larry Lawrence
Anthony Gobert is preparing for this weekend's AMA Superbike doubleheader at Sears Point. Many fans will recall that Gobert took a double win last year - winning both the Superbike and 600 Supersport finals - but ended up in the Sears Point infield care center with IVs stuck in his arm after suffering from dehydration. This year it will be even more demanding for the Go-Show since he'll be racing in two Superbike finals and the 600 Supersport final during the weekend.

MO caught up with Gobert after he'd just taken delivery on a new Yamaha YZ250 given to him by Yamaha. "It's the same as the factory bikes," Gobert proudly proclaimed about his new MX training rig. "I have a four-stroke too, but I like to switch up and train on both.

So how did Gobert plan on handling the demands of three major races in two days at Sears Point?

"The problem last year at Sears wasn't fitness," Gobert claimed. "I was fit. It was simply dehydration. This year I've been getting ready by drinking a lot of fluids and eating plenty of fruits and veggies."

Gobert said it would be important to try to finish ahead of Honda's Nicky Hayden at Sears Point so he can close the points gap on the series leader.

What did Gobert think of rival and countryman Mat Mladin's recent letter he sent to several racing publications in which he sarcastically and repeatedly referred to Gobert his hero?

"It sort of makes him sound like a bit of an ass doesn't it," Gobert said. "I'm glad he considers me his hero. I suppose that's something I should put on my resume."

Gobert has 11-career AMA Superbike wins. His Superbike victory last year at Sears Point was the first for Yamaha in the series in over three years.

Gobert went on to tell us that he's been riding a lot of motocross with fellow Aussie Chad Reed, who recently won the AMA 125 East Region Supercross title.

"I have to watch it with Chad," Gobert said of his training partner. "He's always holding it to the stops and I really don't like being passed by anyone. So I tend to push it pretty hard when I'm riding with him. I told him the other day that he's going to have to watch passing me. It's good though. We get out there and go at it."

In addition to his obvious road racing skills, Gobert is also a former Australian 125cc Supercross champion.

--Larry Lawrence

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Larry Lawrence
Larry Lawrence

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