Colin Edwards Helps Ride for Kids

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Close to 1,250 big-hearted people came to the Portofino Center Sunday,Aug. 28, to participate in Houston's 2002 Ride for KidsR event. Thegroup raised a record total of $202,990 for the programs of thePediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the U.S.

Motorcycles of all shapes and sizes were represented, but they all had acommon mission. Every participant helped bring the Pediatric Brain TumorFoundation just a little closer towards its goal of helping to find thecause and cure of childhood brain tumors...

Even the Texas Tornado himself, 2000 World Superbike Champion ColinEdwards, of the Honda Racing team, was at the event.

"This was the first time I ever rode a Gold Wing," Edwards said afterthe nearly 850 motorcycles parked for the Celebration of Life atMontgomery County Fairgrounds after the ride. "It was nice to be able tosit back and enjoy an easy ride for a change, while raising money for agreat cause."

Brain tumor survivors such as 4-year-old Garrett Clark and 11-year-oldBrian Wilson were there with family and friends to celebrate the victoryof the day. MD Anderson's Dr. Joanne Ader told the riders that theirefforts were tremendously important in the fight against childhood braintumors.

Ride for Kids founder and President Mike Traynor congratulated theparticipants. "The love and caring you have demonstrated today providehope for brain tumor patients and their families throughout the world,"he said.

Sportbike rider Gordon Salisbury was the top individual fund raiser,bringing in $18,522 for pediatric brain tumor research. The topmotorcycle fund-raising club, GWRRA Chapter Z of Texas, raised $33,928,to help the Houston Ride for Kids event surpass its goal of $200,000this year. Pasadena Honda was the top fund-raising dealer, bringing in$55,767 in donations for the event. John Bourg was also an excitedparticipant at the event. The Sugarland, TX resident was announced asthe winner of a brand new Honda motorcycle.

All in all, the 2002 Ride for Kids event was very successful due to theuntiring efforts of Task Force Leader Ronnie Lunsford and dozens ofdedicated volunteers. It brought the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation ofthe U.S. one step close to its goal of helping children with braintumors by supporting research and family support programs.

The next two Ride for Kids events both occur Sunday, May 5, with anoff-road event in Washington, GA and a road ride in Pittsburgh, PA.

For more information about the Ride for Kids or the Foundation, call(800) 253-6530 or visit either of the Foundation's Web Sites, and

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