2002 Suzuki Model Reader Feedback

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
It happens too many times. A company will tell you that it has changed things for the better, only to have it turn out worse than the original. Thankfully, at least on paper, this doesn't look to be the case for Suzuki in the 2002 model year.

They've made a number of small but significant changes this year and most models have received some sort of touch-up. Street and dirt both got looked at, and once you've seen the changes, Suzuki hopes you'll like what you see...

So take a look at the changes Suzuki made and let us know what you think of their chances in the coming 2002 model year.

Keep in mind, that despite these changes, there may be something that's coming out later. Perhaps at Milan? Nobody is saying. Hmmmmm...

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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