AMA Fines Mladin Five Gee

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
The following is a press release just issued by the AMA:

"Yoshimura Suzuki's Mathew Mladin has been fined $5,000 and penalized a Superbike championship pole position point for detrimental conduct during a post-qualifying press conference at New Hampshire International Speedway on Saturday, June 16.

"When asked a question about his record-setting qualifying run, Mladin instead opened the press conference using profanity...

"at times to criticize New Hampshire International Speedway, an AMA Pro Racing official, a newspaper reporter and fellow competitors.

"AMA Pro Racing deems Mladin's actions in the press conference as inexcusable. The public form of a press conference is not the placeto raise personal issues with AMA Pro Racing officials, newspaper reporters, fellow competitors or use foul language.

"Mladin leads the AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. Superbike Championship with 230 points."

Note: This penalty places Mladin 30 points ahead of Team Kawasaki's Eric Bostrom (instead of 31 points).

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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