Travis Pastrana Gets Into Four Wheels

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
At the annual New York AutoShow, Suzuki's automotive division introduced a very cool little car with the help of none other than teenage phenom, Travis Pastrana.

Travis was the perfect choice to help introduce the SX Concept car, as it's being called a "modern crossover vehicle" which is obviously geared towards a young, enthusiast audience.

Travis helped debut the car by doing a heel-clicker on his RM125, flying over the car in front of the world's press...

We know it's a car, and we know it's not exactly earth-shattering news, but it is cool.

Check out the site and the car's specs. There's even a cool video to go along with the photos.

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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