World Superside Final Qualifying

Glenn le santo
by Glenn le santo
They do it in pairs!

It might look crazy - in fact it is crazy! But the Superside championship (that's Eurospeak for sidecars) are something else. Using monster tuned road engines that produce close on 200bhp these babies fly. The riders and especially the passengers are madder than a box of frogs but they produce some of the most entertainin g racing on the planet. They've just finished qualifying for their version of the Superpole, read on if you want to know more...

Webster rebounds to lead final qualifying

Reigning World Sidecar champion Steve Webster showed that, as long as his luck holds, he’s the man to beat in the Sidecar championship. Renamed ‘World Superside’ this year, the championship hasn’t failed to provide thrills and plenty of spills all season. But for Webster it’s been a difficult year, with mechanical problems early in the season, followed by disappointment at Donington when he was forced to retire while leading the race. Paul Woodhead, who partnered for Webster last year, suffered a knee injury that resulted in emergency surgery at Philip Island, Australia. The problem recurred at Donington – halfway through the race – when his knee locked, forcing the pair to pull in. Woodhead has had further attention to his knee and is now fit to race again, as the pairing demonstrated today when they dominated the session. Webster and Woodhead lapped nearly two seconds faster than championship leaders Klaffenbock and Parzer.

World Superside, Final qualifying1. Webster – Woodhead, 1’45.5742. Klaffenbock – Parzer, 1’47.3133. Steinhausen – Hopkinson, 1’47.4734. Abbott – Biggs, 1’47.7955. Hanks – Biggs, 1’49.5366. Hemmerling – Kolsch, 1’50.6987. Guy – Peach, 1’50.8438. Hauzenberger – Hanni, 1’51.180All the above qualified for Superpole
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Glenn le santo
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