What Kenny Roberts Jr Says

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
After racing through the rains in round five of the 500 GP series held in Mugello, Italy, Telefonica/MovistarSuzuki's Kenny Roberts Jr. led bothlegs of the race at some point, and escaped unhurt after crashing outof third place with just three of the 23 laps remaining.

Points leader Valentino Rossi crashed not only on the sighting lap, but also on the last lap of the race. Bikes and riders were falling everywhere. Here's what Kenny Jr. had to say about the race...

"When Abe came by me, I had a problem with my visor fogging, and it was verydifficult to see anything. I was trying to be cautious, then at the end I foundI was getting closer and I started pushing. I started to catch Barros. Icouldn't see much on the front straight, and basically I made a mistake at theend of the straightaway. At least I was racing for victory instead of sixthplace! Before the race Michelin suggested we use a 16.5-inch tire because it wasbetter in the wet, and now I believe they were right."

Team Manager, Garry Taylor opined, " Kenny was (also) struggling to see where hewas going. The important thing is he walked away from it without any injuries."

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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