World Superside Championship, Race Report

Glenn le santo
by Glenn le santo
Klaffenbock consolidates title lead

Klaus Klaffenbock took a clear victory in Monza as his closest rivals dropped out of the race, one of them literally – Jorg Steinhausen’s passenger Andy Hetherington fell out of the sidecar as the pair pursued the title leaders. Reigning champion Steve Webster suffered another engine failure handing a huge lead to Klaffenbock both on the track and in the title.

The race was restarted because of a huge smash on the first lap which left passenger Jane Fleury with multiple injuries and caused the race to be red flagged. Steve Abbott took advantage of both Steinhausen and Webster’s misfortune to take second in the race and the title.

Race result1. Klaffenbock, Suzuki, 31’37.2012. Abbott, Yamaha, 31’45.5083. Van Gils, Suzuki, 32’25.5814. Hauzenberger, Suzuki, 32’45.4205. Liechti, Kawasaki, 33’13.3706. Schroder, Suzuki, 33’19.0387. Roscher, Suzuki, 33’21.3998. Eilers, Suzuki, 33’29.680Championship standing after 2 rounds (Australia cancelled)Place, Rider, Points1, Klaffenbock, 502, Abbott, 333, Hauzenberger, 224, Webster, 205, Liechti, 186, Van Gils, 167, Steinhausen, 168, Schroder, 16Next round: May 27, Donington Park, Great Britain.
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Glenn le santo
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