HMC Ducati Fast at Road Atlanta

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
The HMC Ducati Racing team finish three successful days of testing atRoad Atlanta Raceway today. Doug Chandler clocked an impressive best laptime of 1:24 flat, although a minor crash spoiled his dash tobetter Team Honda Nicky Hayden's fastest time of 1:23.7.

The team walksaway with set-up information for the race here in mid-May as well as agood base set-up for the next round in Sears Point, which sports asimilar track layout...

"We've made a lot of progress in the last three days,"said Chandler. "I'm happy with how the bike worked today andI think we're ready when we come back here for the race. Atlanta isvery similar in layout to Sears. When we started here we were out in leftfield but we've gone in the right direction on everything and a lotof this information will help us at Sears as well."

Doug Chandler received only minor bruising and a small burn from thecrash, and a new best friend in Mat Mladin (Suzuki), who stopped torescue him.

"I moved my focus up the track, trail braked too much into theturn, tipped it in and tucked the front," Doug said. "We weretrying new brake pads and they were a bit grabbier than what I am usedto. It was a combination of grabby brake pads and not remembering to getoff the brakes.

"I'm a little bruised and burnt. I got wedged up under thetire and muffler and Mat had to stop on the track, drop his bike and comeover and get mine off of me. My boot was smoking from the exhaust pipe!"

"It was a successful test. Each day we got better, making progressand running with the top guys. I think we've got things right andI'm sure we'll come up with some stuff to make it even betteryet."

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