A Motorcycle That Walks on Water

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Aquajet Corp. today announced that it has shipped its first productionJetbikes to customers in the Asia Pacific Rim. The Jetbike is "the world's first motorcycle for the water" andwill be featured at a major trade show in Japan in April.

Aquajet's Jetbike recently won the prestigious "Innovation Award"in the boats category at the National Marine Manufacturers Association(NMMA) convention in Orlando.

The Jetbike is a new invention which the company claims will revolutionize personaltransportation on the water...

A press release from the Wilmington, California-based company states: "The Jetbike is all about personal freedomof movement on the water, and can be used for sport, recreation andleisure use plus a wide range of specialized applications such ascommercial, military, Coast Guard, Navy, Navy Seals and Life GuardPatrol, to name a few."

According to Gerald A. Wiegert, Aquajet's founder, chief executiveofficer and the Jetbike's inventor, who was also involved in thedesign and development of the original standup Jet Ski, the Jetbike isa major breakthrough invention that emerges through necessity whentechnology catches up to man's desire to expose himself to theenvironment in new, creative ways.

The press release continues: "You can't walk on water, or drive your car on water, but accordingto Wiegert you will now be able to motorcycle on the water! TheJetbike is a brilliant mechanical device that is profoundly logicaland is "extremely fun" to ride. The Jetbike is differentiated from aboat or a conventional personal watercraft by its basic design andconcept."

The Jetbike is designed to be a motorcycle for the water, not aboat. The Jetbike is the only water machine in the world to featurepatented dual steering in unison from both the front and the rearsimultaneously. The Jetbike could be considered the safest machine onthe water thanks to its patented off-throttle steering control system,which provides for total dual off-throttle steering control even aftera rider lets go of the throttle .

Aquajet's safety-related technology invention can also be appliedto jet boats and conventional PWC or personal watercraft. The Jetbikehas "three-dimensional Superbike-like riding and handlingcharacteristics that are superior to and unequaled by otherwatercraft. The Jetbike is the easiest watercraft to mount anddismount because it is half submerged at rest."

The Jetbike's high draft design also causes the craft to slow downand stop more rapidly than other watercraft. Aquajet currently holds25 U.S. government granted patent claims on the Jetbike. The companybuilds its own three cylinder 150 hp-plus engine and jet-pump. Thedemand for Aquajet's Jetbike is intensifying and Aquajet is currentlyin the process of developing an international distribution network.

Due to demand, the company nearly sold out its first productionrun of Jetbikes and is exploring corporate and strategic partners toprovide additional capital to expand production capacity beyondearlier projections. According to Wiegert, the Jetbike is towatercraft what snowboarding is to traditional skiing, a new idea orrevolution which will change traditional thinking.

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