Doctors Predict Full Recovery for Scott Russell

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
HMC Ducati Team rider, Scott Russell, is on the road to recovery after anaccident at the first round of the AMA Superbike series left him with abadly broken left arm and leg. The five-time Daytona winner is alreadyshowing signs of strength in his damaged arm and is expected to be releasedfrom Halifax hospital in a week's time.

Russell has spent a rocky week in the Daytona hospital. He has been in andout of intensive care and has lost a lot of blood, but doctors are confidentthat the bleeding has stopped and have started the first stage of skingrafts. When the grafting is complete, Russell will have to stay immobilizedfor five days -- with no complications, he should be on his way home toGeorgia on Monday or Tuesday of next week...

When Russell was first admitted to Halifax hospital, doctors' main concernwas the damage to his arm, which required a plate rather than a pin, but sofar there have been no problems and already he is able to straighten allfive fingers and is even trying to use the arm to pull himself up straightin bed. Scott's sister, Sheri, was amazed when he squeezed her hand with afirm grip.

Russell is also showing signs of impatience, eager to return home and startrehabilitation. There is no doubt the former World Champion will be back inthe saddle as soon as physically possible.

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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