New Management for Easyrider, Inc.

Easyriders, Inc. has appointed J. Robert Fabregas as their new CEO and president. Fabregas served as the company's interim CEO last October when William Prather resigned as chief executive officer.

Mark S. Dodge has also been named executive vice president, general counsel and secretary. Dodge has been a consultant to the company since July 1999 and has been responsible for all legal, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting, insurance and licensing matters.

Chairman Joseph Teresi says,....

"With these changes in management, we have now completed a restructuring, which has resulted in greater efficiency within our remaining core operations of magazine publishing, retail productdistribution and licensing. Recent reductions in general and administrative overhead have already improved operating performance this year, and I am pleased to report we are meeting our budget forecasts. In addition, we now are pursuing alternative media opportunities which, combined with our existing operations, will continue to contribute significantly to both revenues and the bottom line."

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