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by Brent Plummer
Your time is valuable, and we think it's cool that many of you spend (waste?) a bunch of it here. But we'd like to help you make better useof your days and nights @MO -- more of it should be spent browsing, less downloading, especially those stories that rack up hundreds of reader feedback posts. At over a half a megabyte, they take quite some time to transfer.

I've just fixed that, at least I think I have, with some on-the-fly compression in our web servers. Even dynamic pages such as are compressed substantially -- about 80 percent. If you're a network geek, well, it's pretty cool. If you're not, leave the geeks alone, we make this stuff work.

One of these pages should be significantly faster than the other, please let me know if you can tell which one:

The first one
Or the second one

Update, 10:51 AM PST by blip: Make sure you're counting the time to load the entire page, not just the header/advertisements at the top. Look for all the comments and the downloading icon to stop.

The linuxha-4 one may seem slower the first time because we're logging hostnames, so it has to do a r-DNS lookup on you, and already has that in cache since you were already there. Should've mentioned/thought of that when I put it up. Anyway, if you actually time them on the second reload, one should be over twice as fast, especially on slower connections. --blip

If you have any problems loading that faster page (it's pretty obvious just from looking at the URLs which one is faster), please let me know, as I'm planning on rolling this out across the production servers ASAP.

We're compressing the chat room output too, so that's also much faster now... I also fixed the /invite command, so you can log into the chat rooms via a private room you create, which is hidden from everyone else in there, and "/invite username" and the person you invited will get a link displayed inviting them into the private room you made.

Someone should write a FAQ about all this, but it's not gonna be be, I'm going to bed!

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Brent Plummer
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