Report on Injured Riders at Daytona

Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
Five time Daytona 200 winner Scott Russell, who was brutally knocked down in a start line crash, has a broken left femur, and left arm. He is very beat up but is in no serious danger.

Suzuki's Aaron Yates, who according to paddock rumor hada broken leg, broken arm, broken leg-bone-connected-to theeverything-bone, actually was walking around the paddocklast night. He is sore but fine and had a CT scan after hisown savage crash on the pace car incident.

Suzuki's Jamie Hacking, who knocked Yates down in thattruly scary incident...

is okay.

Honda's Kurtis Roberts, who Yates tagged before Hackingtagged him in the same pace car incident, thought he has abroken bone in his wrist or hand, but finished the Daytona200 in third place. Merley a flesh wound.

Honda's Miguel DuHamel, who had an amazing run in the200 but crashed on cold tires at the mid-point of the race, isfine, presumably. He left the track moments after returningfrom the crash.

Ducati's Larry Pegram, who snared the meatball flag forjumping one of the re-starts and then crashed in the chicane,a crash which set his bike and several straw bales on fire,actually finished sixth in the 200 on Slight's back up bike.

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Brent Plummer
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