KSJO Protest Cancelled

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
We are pleased to report that KSJO is taking responsive actions to promote motorcycle and bicycle awareness and safety.

The protest scheduled for Monday March 12th, 2001 at KSJO in San Jose is hereby CANCELLED because of the commitments made to the motorcycling community by Vice President, John Sutherland, on behalf of KSJO and Clear Channel. Clear Channel reaches over 3.8 million listeners each week in Northern California.

On February 13, 2001 during peak commute times, two KSJO DJs made on air comments about motorcyclists and bicyclists that were later retracted and profusely apologized for. The fact that Road Rage is prevelant in the SF Bay Area and in light of a motorcyclist, Julius Long, being killed in South San Francisco by an enraged driver has brought the motorcycling community together. KSJO takes this very seriously and is committed to working hard to effectively communicate the importance of road saftey to its audience.

Since the Feb 13th incident, KSJO has run the following PSA (Public Service Announcement) over 300 times:

"KSJO reminds you to be careful and considerate for the safety of all your neighbors on the road. Extreme care should be taken with motorcycle and bicycle riders... Please drive responsibly."

John Sutherland has also commited to the following actions:

1. Continued PSAs on KSJO and other Clear Channel Communications stations during peak drive times regarding anti Road Rage, pro-motorcycle safety, and the legality of lane splitting.

2. KSJO will create a committee to forward an ongoing campaign to put out the message against Road Rage and to promote motorcycle and bicycle safety and awareness. This committee will include members of the motorcycle, bicycle, and law enforcement communities. This committee will help determine the content of the PSAs and provide input for the continued campaign of anti Road Rage and safe driving.

3. One Sunday morning segment during their talk show times interviewing a representative from the Bay Area motorcycling community, every month for the remainder of 2001.

4. Kramer, one of the DJs who made the damaging comments, has agreed to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginner Rider Course by the end of 2001.

6. KSJO will do a pro-motorcycle awareness live broadcast at a yet to be determined event. This event may occur at Sears Point or Laguna Seca.

Harry (Doc) Wong (Doc Wong Riding Clinics), Mike Hardcore (Squidly's Online), Derek White (Ride Club), Brad Bidnick (Motorcyclist)

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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