Quotes From Daytona 600 Supersport Qualifying

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
It's only the second day of the AMA boyz making the rounds at Daytona International Speedway, and things are already at full boil. In Superbikes, Suzuki's Mat Mladin is the guy to beat in the Daytona 200 by Arai, but the 600 Supersport wars aren't looking quite as easy to predict.

Take a look at the following quotes from the top riders after their 600 Supersport Qualifying sessions...

John Hopkins, rider of the No. 21 Valvoline Suzuki:
"I'm really satisfied. The bike was working awesome and the tires keptme through the whole session. I didn't even change them. I got a draftfrom Nicky, Kurtis and Miguel and ended up doing really good. I came inthat last lap and did a 53.5 or a 53.6. That's about my the fastest everon the 600 by about a couple of seconds."

Kurtis Roberts, rider of the No. 1 Team Erion Honda:
"We had to count on the draft to get on the pole. The bike didn'tactually feel that good. It felt better earlier, we just had a problemout there. I don't know what was wrong but it just didn't run very good.The conditions are alright, that's not going to be a problem, it's justwho goes out and runs the best lap at the right time."

Nicky Hayden, rider of the No. 69 Team Factory Honda:
"Drafting definitely helped. I just hope it was good enough for thefront row. Kurtis, Hacking and Eric (Bostrom) are gonna be tough, sohopefully I can keep it on the front row. We were all drafting togetherand helping each other. Miguel got the bad end of the deal. He was theone going fastest in the infield and got caught up. The bike's real good.I'm excited about tomorrow. I feel real good about the race. As long asI don't do anything wrong on the first few laps and stay clean I shouldbe there at the end."

Jamie Hacking, rider of the No. 2 Team Yoshimura Suzuki:
"It' kind of frustrating really because of what I did this morning. Thetrack has warmed up a little bit and I think the bike wasn't as good asit was this morning because of it. I don't know where I'll be on thegrid but I'll be fine."

Eric Bostrom, rider of the No. 32 Kawasaki:
"I'm feeling better. In the first session, all four of those guys hookedup and it really helps a lot for this track to get down thestraightaways in hurry. We were off by two tenths of a second. I thinkthat was the difference. We really didn't have a drafting partner."

Three-time Daytona 200 By Arai champion Miguel Duhamel, rider of the No.17 Honda RC51 On Kurtis Roberts and Erion Racing:
"Erion is definitely on it. They're not the little brother, they're partof the team. Until the last minute he (Roberts) was going to be HondaFactory and then Erion came up with a good deal with parts unlimited soit's good for him. He's parked right here with me and Nicky so he's notgoing to be on the short end of the stick so you can count him in."

Miguel On the 600 Supersport, Daytona 200 double:
"Every time I've won the Daytona 200, I've won the 600 Supersport in thesame year. Hopefully I can win the 600 and set some fear in people. Inthose years I was obviously committed and came here with a bike that wasworking really well. There were a lot of years I figure we could havewon and we came up a little short but everyone comes here with they'reA1 game so it's always difficult and it's always quite a privilege topull off the double so obviously that's our goal."

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