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A few weeks ago two KSJO DJs who threatened rider safety by making false claims over the air, were suspended by Station Manager John Sutherland. One of our readers, Mike, has informed MO that the pair is back on the air, and Mike believes that the punishment did not fit the crime.

Because of the situation, Mike will be holding a protest informing people of better motorcycle safety. Here's what Mike wrote...

Heh, you want to do something for me, and the SF Bay Areamotorcycling community?

As you probably know, the local radio station KSJO had a coupleafternoon DJ's telling motorists to run over motorcyclists andbicyclists, stating that lanesharing was illegal. They weresuspended, and station manager John Sutherland issued a publicapology. The station then ran PSA's to the effect of "be nice, don't run anyone over" all weekend.

Well, the DJ's are back on the air... and that really chapsquite a few of us commuter motorcyclists. So we've decidedto do something about it. We're going down to KSJO this commingMonday to protest... And hand out some DMV motorcycle handbookswith the 'lanesharing is legal' sections highlighted.

I don't know what I honestly hope to acheive with all this,but I'm just tired of being viewed as a second-class citizenbecause I'm on two wheels...

Here's what I put on several mailing lists/


So here's the details...

Let's meet at KSJO to have a chat with the Afternoon DJ's andstation manager John Sutherland... and hand out some DMV motorcyclehandbooks.

When: Monday, March 12th 5PM (Afternoon DJ's play till 7PM)

Where: KSJO - 1420 Koll Circle, San Jose CA 95112

I'm going to hit a few DMV's beforehand if possible and ask forseveral DMV motorcycle handbooks. If anyone feels like helpingout that'd be great as well.

I just want to make it clear to KSJO that a two-week suspensionis not enough for DJ's that advocate killing motorcyclists. The BayArea is dangerous enough for your average motorcyclist without the media adding fuel to the already road-raging fire.

Tell your friends that ride, or anyone that will listen...



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