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Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
We've been toying with the notion of going to a pay-for-MO model and the reader e-mails have been quite favorable. People want more videos, more staff, more features, more and better photos and, the clincher, to get rid of obnoxious posts from obnoxious people in the news forums.

We need to make a living, but we do feel for some of you who don't want to pay yet, so we'll start out with this: the Donate-to-MO model. Payment is not necessary, but by supporting us monetarily, you help MO grow and stave off the Pay Monster. Grrr!

Update, 9:49 AM PST 2/28/01 by blip: Seems Amazon set a $250/day limit, which we reached in the first hour. It should be working now, and we requested a $4,000/day limit. Regardless, it still won't accept more donations. Lame.

Update, 8:57 PM PST by blip:'s PayPage system is temporarily broken. Which makes sense since we just decided to use it. Frustrated, we're going to do wheelies on our hopped-up Vino Scooter. Don't bother donating until you see another update.

Update, 6:01 PM PST by blip: Everyone that donates now will receive an e-mail from with instructions on how to get a complimentary year subscription to MO _if_ we do go subscription.

Sneaky MOians could donate a buck now and get a year subscription for free later, but that wouldn't really be in the spirit of the honor system!

Through our affiliation with, you are able to donate as little as one dollar or as much as 50 dollars at a time. Of course, if you want to donate more, we won't stop you from issuing another transaction.

If you want us to be here for you, and do the things you've been asking for, now's the time to kick down and Help MO Help You!

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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