Kenny Roberts Jr. Gets New Sponsor

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
TeamTelefonica MoviStar Suzuki's motorcycles look a little different thisyear. As well as the coveted Number One plate, the fairing has a splash ofred, marking the arrival of a new sponsor.

The long-time motorcycle racing backers are secondary sponsors of the factorySuzuki team, with Telefonica MoviStar the main sponsors. Although the tobaccogiant has had a long association with top-level motorcycle GP racing, this isits first association with a full factory team...

"The Suzuki team has a magic combination - a World Champion and a top Spanishrider," said Fortuna sponsorship chief Drago Azinovic.

"We have supported motorcycle GP racing for many years. It is a successful anddynamic sport. Racing has a vigorous and exciting future. Fortuna looksforward to sharing a leading role in that future," he concluded.

Suzuki team manager Garry Taylor said: "Naturally, we are delighted to welcomeFortuna as our new secondary sponsor. They will further enhance the level ofprofessionalism we've already achieved with our successful team, and for ourpart we will do everything we can to bring them more success."

Fortuna is a leading brand of the tobacco giant Altadis, formed in 1999 by themerger of the Spanish giant Tabacalera SA and the French Seita combine. Thecompany also produces Ducados cigarettes, which with Fortuna, is a familiarname in racing sponsorship. Seita brought with them the Gauloises and Gitanesbrands.

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