2002 Triumph Daytona Sneak Peek

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
Readers have been asking about the London Motorcycle Show. Specifically about Triumphs newly redesigned Daytona. While we wait for our man about town, Glenn Le Santo, to finish writing his take on both the show and the bike, we thought we'd be a tease and have a little show of our own.

Thanks to readers RS-Mike and SilverSurfer for providing some technical tidbits.

SilverSurfer:"The styling appears to follow the new edge style, while keeping the familiar T5 frame. The Daytona continues to make use of Triumph's 3-cylinder 955i engine, though with slightly different internals allowing an 11,000 rpm redline, and an increase in compression to 12:1.

Triumph has decided to dump the previous model's single sided swingarm in the interest of lighter weight and strength. Also gone is the old model's distinctive face, replaced by an RC51 inspired look, sans the prominent incoming air duct."

RS-Mike:"According to a press release on February 22nd they have revised the Daytona 955i to become more competitive without sacrificing the `Triumph-character'. Thus they will still use a 955cc triple with lots of low and midrange torque. The improvements are more power (147 bhp), more torque 74 (ft/lbs), a sharper steering geometry and a stiffer, lighter double-sided swingarm. They have also changed the design but kept a `Euro-look'."

Thanks for the information! And don't forget to check back for Glenn's full update.

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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