DJs Tell Motorists to Hit Cyclists

Two radio DJs, "Kramer and Twitch," in San Jose, Calif. were suspended for encouraging motorists to run over or open their doors in front of motorcyclists and bicyclists when stuck in afternoon traffic.

The disc jockeys at KSJO suggested on their show, February 13, 2001, that it was illegal and wrong for motorcycles and bicycles to share the roadways with cars, and went on to add numerous derogatory comments to their observations.

Station general manager John Sutherland later said the comments wereinappropriate and the station was taking the situation very seriously. "The punishment will be much more than a slap on the wrist," he said.

Sutherland reported that further action will be taken, depending on the findings of an investigation. He also said the station will begin broadcasting messages about bicycle safety in an effort to make up for the comments.

The AMA believes that this type of behavior endangers the safety of legal road users. The AMA is sending a strongly worded letter to KSJO expressing their outrage and demanding that they also run motorcycle safety spots...not just bicycle spots.

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