New Lepton Scooter

Zapworld (ZAP) will preview a new Italian electric scooter called Lepton at the Indianapolis Dealer Expo, February 17-19, 2001.

The Lepton, named after the sub-atomic particle, is a new moped-class scooter built by Italian-based OXYGEN S.p.A. for exclusivedistribution in North America by ZAP. The design incorporates classic Italian styling with the latest in electric propulsion technology.

Update, 02/16/01 8:47 PST by blip - Are you kidding me? Three grand for a scoot that goes about 22 miles at a max of 25 mph? I'd rather ride my bicycle, I can go faster, farther for much less!

"With just one glance, you can see that Lepton is different," says ZAP Chief Engineer Scott Cronk. "We tested every scooter available in the world and chose the Lepton. It has that unique Italian style that made scooters a cult-classic, and electricity adds a whole new dimension, with smooth, quiet and responsive performance. Smart commuters, students and environmentalists here in North America now have a practical and exhilarating new mode of emission-free transportation that also makes a striking fashion statement."

Lepton can travel speeds up to 25 mph with a range of 15 to 30 miles per charge, depending on rider weight and driving conditions. Thescooter falls into a moped classification, requiring a driver's license and moped registration. Standard equipment includesmaintenance-free batteries, built-in charger, economy and performance modes, helmet storage, and luggage rack. Includes a one-yearlimited warranty. ZAP is currently accepting advance orders for the Lepton, which will be available as early as April 2001. Price: $3395.See one at

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