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MO posts news clips about political issues from time to time, but how many of us actually respond to these issues (and I'm not talking about the endless opinions posted by our intrepid readers)?

Many of us may not have the time to find out who exactly our representatives are and write a lengthy letter about such issues. Writing an e-mail response is much quicker and easier, and since most of us are already strategically placed in front of the computer all day, it requires no effort at all, really. Many people (Hackfu and Minime) rely so completely on e-mails that they haven't even noticed that the price of stamps went up 1 cent back in January.

The point is, if there was a way to just e-mail our representatives (provided we know who they are), many more of us might take an active interest in exercising our rights as U.S. citizens.

Well, ladies and gentleman, that time has come. AMA has just launched their new Rapid Response Center.

The directions are simple. When you been made aware of an issue you'd like to voice your opinion on, go to and click on the "AMA Rapid Response" logo. You will be directed to a page where you can click on the issue and type in what you have to say. Just leave your contact information, and it will be sent to the representative responsible for that issue.

In the Rapid Response Center, motorcyclists will also find background on vital issues, along with pre-written responses, already directed toward officials in a position to make a difference. The site can also be used to help you quickly identify your representatives in Washington and get background information on them, including the committees they sit on and how to reach them. The service even provides the names and titles of key staff members, and identifies friends of motorcycling in Congress.

So, no more excuses.

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