Ducati Doin' the Damn Thang at Kyalami

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Testing continued today at Kyalami with a new lap record courtesy of Troy Bayliss. The second fastest time today went to Ben Bostrom.

After yesterday's misfortune, the best possible result for Ducati cameout on the track today, when the tenacious Australian, Troy Bayliss went outin the morning on soft race tires and set a new track record of 1:42.325 (the previous lap record set yesterday by Honda's Colin Edwards was 1:42.391).

It was then up to Bostrom to wipe out the memories of yesterday'sproblems and 'Captain America' gradually improved during the day to setsecond quickest time, third overall since the start of the officialtests....

The Californian then focused on tire testing but was confidentof achieving a record lap time.

Ruben Xaus concentrated on getting in as many laps as possible in raceset-up and the Spanish rider lapped at times similar to those recordedin last year's two races. Ruben's best time was 1:43.227, the quickesthe has recorded since the start of the tests.

TEMPERATURE: AM air 25°/ground 35° - PM 34°/50°
WEATHER: AM clear skies - PM cloudy/rain

"I concentrated on race set-up today," said a satisfied TroyBayliss, "by working on different choices of tires, like we do before arace weekend. Maybe this is what I like to do the most. We've made a lotof progress with the bike and have found several different solutionsthat we can use this year. It's a pity that the rain interrupted therace simulation in the afternoon."

"After today's good time which helped me to forget about yesterday,"commented Ben Bostrom, "I concentrated on carrying out the race tire testprogram. On every lap I improved my time really easily without pushinghard. Things have improved a lot and I am becoming more and moreconfident with the track."

"I tried to lap at a constant pace similar to last year's race times,"said Ruben Xaus, "because it is at this pace that you can fight for thepositions at the front. The bike is going well and so is the choice oftires. If we get ideal conditions tomorrow, I'll ask for a set ofqualifying tires to be fitted so I can go for a better time. I'm reallypleased with the way things have gone so far."

UNOFFICIAL TIMES:1 Bayliss (Ducati Infostrada) 1:42.3252 Bostrom (Ducati Corse) 1:42.4723 Corser (Aprilia) 1:42.7614 Chili (Suzuki) 1:42.9765 Xaus (Ducati Infostrada) 1:43.2276 Lavilla (Kawasaki) 1:43.5227 Yanagawa (Kawasaki) 1:44.1138 Chambon (Suzuki) 1:44.1549 Laconi (Aprilia) 1:44.72710 Deletang (Yamaha) 1:48.040
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