AMA Superbike Test Cancelled

The scheduled two-day AMA Superbike test session at Sears Point Raceway by Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki has been canceled because of weather conditions.

The North Bay was pelted with heavy rains for three days late last week, and the rains continued Sunday night, which led to the canceled test session.

The test was originally scheduled for January 28-29. No make-up test session has been announced.

Sears Point Raceway will host the AMA Superbike Challenge, featuring the U.S. Chevy Trucks Superbike Championship, May 4-6, on the 12-turn road course.

Track officials say they will install a sub-surface drainage system at certain areas on the track prior to the AMA Superbike Challenge in May in order to better deal with wet weather.

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