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Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
Castrol Honda's Chris Herring sends in the following report, pretty good, too. Especially Colin's opinion on the WSB/GP debate at the end! It's been a decade since I was a freelance writer covering WERA F-USA/250 and Colin was a privateer (albiet well-funded one) 250 rider. He was a nice, polite guy then, and still is. Colin seems to get a bad wrap in the European press, probably because he's American...

Colin Edwards - Question & Answer

What have you been doing in the close season?"PR and more PR. I've actually had one hell of a schedule since the finalrace at Brands Hatch. I stayed in the UK for some dealer visits then I wenthome for nine days, then off to Manila and Bangkok for Castrol, onto EasternCreek and Phillip Island to test. From there to the Canary Islands forMichelin, to the UK for three days, onto Monaco for the FIM awards, home fora day then I was in Wyoming having a break for Christmas and New Year. Ididn't do any training in the gym just walking at altitude up in Wyoming anda bit of snowboarding and stuff."

What improvements do you envisage to the VTR?"We've really looked back on 2000, looked at what we learned and tried toimprove on as many areas of the machine as possible. At the moment we'veimproved the chassis a little and HRC have modified the exhaust but we won'tget down to business with a 2001-spec machine until the Valencia test nextmonth. HRC have also improved the engine but the power curve has stayed thesame so it's not that easy to feel the difference - it's not as if they'vegiven the machine more top end or bottom end power."How do you feel about defending a world title?"Pretty good. I'm feeling confident. I don't feel any pressure, I'veachieved what I set out to do now I just want to keep winning. My next goalis to win more and more and try to beat what I achieved last year but I'llonly do that one step at a time, one round at a time. I've thought aboutsetting myself targets of 15 races wins or 10 race wins in a year but then Ionly end up looking at the calendar halfway through the year - as I'mrunning out of races - and I start putting pressure on myself."What is your best memory of 2000?"The last race at Brands Hatch. Winning that and doing the job properlyended the championship in perfect style for me. I'm not big on the mentalapproach to racing but at Brands Hatch I was determined to win that race - Ididn't want to win the title having finished third or fourth in the finalrace of the year. I wanted it badly and I had a lot of family and friends atBrands Hatch that day so it made it all the more special."What is your worst memory of 2000?"Taking Aaron out at Misano. I'd crashed in the Superpole on Saturday, wasstarting from the fourth row of the grid and just left my braking too lateat the end of the back straight. I was disappointed that it was Aaron I hitbut also - because I went down too - disappointed that there wasn't aCastrol Honda going around in that race. It was entirely my mistake."How do you feel about your new team-mate?"Good. It's going to be really interesting. Tady's got everything needed;ability and experience but as far as the desire goes, who knows? I don'tknow Tady that well so we're all going to have to wait until the firstcouple of rounds to see what he's up for."What do you think of the Superbike/four-stroke GP debate?"I couldn't give a damn. Right now I do a job and I'm very happy doing thatjob. I'm doing circles around race tracks, getting paid for it and enjoyingit. Whatever series there is I'm not bothered but right now I'm happy inSuperbikes and I'm happy being in the best team."
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