American Honda Regains #1 Spot

Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
MO reader kman was first to post that American Honda regained the number one US sales spot -- a position they lost to Harley-Davidson last year:

American Honda Motor Company's Motorcycle Division reported today year-end retail sales of 174,376 motorcycles, an increase of 44,743 motorcycles over 1999. Honda's motorcycles sales in the US were strong enough to easily capture the number one market share position at 26.5%. In a year that saw motorcycle industry sales grow 27.3%, Honda sales grew at an unprecedented rate of 34.5%.

"We are very pleased that riders are enjoying our products in such record numbers," said Ray Blank, motorcycle division vice president. "'Performance First' means that we give our customers products that inspire and excite them. We have the most diverse lineup in the industry, with more to come. 2001 will be another incredible year for Honda customers."

American Honda's ATV sales also soared in 2000, ending the year at 211,152, an increase of 29.6%. Once again Honda exceeded the ATV industry's healthy growth rate of 18.8%, strengthening Honda's already dominant number one market share position of 32.6%.

As the industry's sales leader, Honda's US sales are on track to support parent company Honda Motor's worldwide sales goal of 7M motorcycles by March 2004, a substantial increase over Honda's 2000 sales of approximately 5.16M motorcycles.

Honda leads the motorcycle industry on other fronts as well. As the world's leader in four-stroke technology, Honda is committed to producing motorcycles, scooters and ATVs that utilize low emission, fuel efficient four-stroke engine designs.

Further to this pledge, American Honda announced today that beginning with the 2002 model year, Honda would only mass-produce four-stroke powered on and off road motorcycles, ATVs and scooters for the US market.

"Honda is, above all, an engine company," said Blank. "Our four-stroke engine designs will set new industry standards for quiet, efficient, power. And> four-strokes are a responsible answer to environmental issues."

Recent Honda motorcycles are examples of Honda's 'win-win' four-stroke engineering. The 2000 California-version VFR800FI Interceptor was the first production motorcycle to meet the stringent emission standard adopted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for 2008. Also, Honda's just-released GL1800 Gold Wing, available in all 50 states, exceeds the CARB 2008 standard while producing considerable power - 118bhp and 125 ft/lbs. of torque - and excellent driveability.

Source: Pete TerHorst, American Honda Press Information

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