MO's World Supersport Shootout Preview

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
MO's mailbox contents:
"Why has the news been slow?" "Where is the content?" "Are you guys going broke?" "Are you guys going to just copy other websites?" "My bike is faster than yours!"

Yes, we're sure it is, then. But the truth is this: we're neither going broke, nor are we being lazy or neglecting our readers. We love you all -- really, we do. But a multi-bike shootout is a serious undertaking that consumes a lot of our time...

Even MO's CEO Philip Strauss got his hands dirty helping to clean bikes for photos.Until we post the story on moday (assuming this rain lets up soon and allows us to get to the drag strip on a dry day) we thought we'd give you a sneaky-peaky at two shots from our day at the Streets of Willow Springs just to prove to you nay-sayers that we've actually been working. You do consider riding the latest and greatest World Supersport contenders -- all shod with the latest, ultra-sticky Metzeler race rubber, of course -- work, right?

In attendance at the test were Brent Plummer (he started MO), Philip Strauss (our CEO), Minime (enough said), Calvin "HackFu" Kim (Associate Editor), Danielle Grossman (new kid on the block), Nigel Gale (ex-AMA champion who can still rail), Roland Sands (250GP racer and all-around fast guy), Francesco Quinn (actor from "Young and the Restless" and "The Fugutive" -- has been riding and racing all his life), as well as various industry people.

Smile, Roland, this is supposed to be fun, remember?
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So who gets the nod at the track? Well, fastest lap can only go to one bike and rider. We can tell you that this rider is -- try to act surprised now -- Roland. But as for what bike he was on, you'll just have to wait for the test.

Any disasters during the course of the day? Only that the good people from California Racing Services who helped swap tires had a hard time swapping out the rear hoop on the Ducati since they didn't have the proper stand. Oh, and somebody had the GSX-R600 cranked over so far in a turn that the gearshift lever snapped off. Oops.

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Calvin Kim
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