MO Betta: Testing and Attitude

Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
Motorcycle.Com is off testing at the Streets of Willow Springs today, if all goes well, expect our 2001 World Supersport Shootout up by Monday. We'll be incorporating a ton of multimedia, including expanded on-board video, four-channel (stereo) audio interviews, video interviews, specs, charts, the works. Basically everything you'all have been asking for in our recent surveys. If you have anything else you'd like to see/read about, post it below and we'll try and make it happen.

Whilst we're gone today, I'd like to leave you with a link to Eddie & Weasel. Funny site, tons of attitude, definitely worth checking out.

If you do go over to Eddie's site, you might want to take the drinking problem test.

If you do have a drinking problem, you really really don't want to see their solution. You've been warned!

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Brent Plummer
Brent Plummer

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