GSX-R1000 Stupidity: Caught on Tape

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
Chat with the MO staff about the GSX-R1000! We'll be live at 6 p.m. PST 'til about 7 p.m. on Wednesday the 17th.

With a bike like the GSX-R1000 on hand, we can't help but be coerced into some impromptu stupidity. Yes, stupidity as in, "hey, wouldn't it be cool to do a few stand-up wheelies on the new Suzuki? Then we can post them on the web and incriminate ourselves! It would be even cooler if we got arrested!" Giggles, chuckles and diet Coke through one person's nose immediately followed.

So here it is, then: Minime was assigned riding duty and, in the process, nearly got arrested. Something about the Torrance, California police not being impressed with stand-up wheelies at more than double the local speed limit -- especially when Minime sets the front end down about, oh, 15 yeards from a cop car that had just rounded the corner...

Minime insists he doesn't like this sort of stuff, and that he does it only for the readers and not any personal satisfaction. We insist that we smell the BS from waaay over here, and we ain't buying what he's selling.

The GSX-R1000, however, we'd buy. Even our CEO, Philip Strauss commented, "so that's what it feels like to be a bullet." Indeed, this bike is going to make some waves. But until our Open Bike Shootout, enjoy little teasers like this one. And, unlike beloved Minime, ride safe!

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Calvin Kim
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