GSX-R1000 Dyno Run!

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
There have been a few independent posts of GSX-R1000 dyno runs flying around the web lately. But here's the rub: the dyno runs are not of production bikes. The dyno run you see here before you is of our Year 2001 GSX-R1000 that we just picked up from the good people at Suzuki.

We ran it on our Dynojet Model 250 -- the same dyno that we ran last year's Open Bike Shootout contenders on -- so you know that the numbers are relevant. They're also all SAE corrected so back-to-back comparisons are possible even on days with different temperature, barometric pressure and humidity...

Max Power = 147.5 HP @ 10,800 RPM
Max Torque = 78.0 ft/lbs @ 8,200 RPM
So how did the Gixxer Grande do, then? How about 147.5 rear-wheel horses (uncorrected value was a whopping 153.0 horsepower) at 10,800 rpm? Yes, we are impressed, too. Care to check out an mpeg of the dyno run? We knew you would.

When you've drooled all you can and your salivary glands are parched, feel free to post your thoughts, comments and the (unfortunately inevitable) verbal insults and infantile attacks on each other below.

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Calvin Kim
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