According to Japan America is Cruiser Crazy... Staff
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Is America really that Cruiser Crazy? Seeing how we are the home nation to one of the most Iconic Cruiser manufacturer as well as a host to hundreds of Custom Cruiser Builders, do we really need the flood of Cruiser options that are offered to us? Looking at the big 4 Japanese manufacturers and what they offer in their line-up to the US market, the ratio is approx. 62 different flavors of cruisers.

While for street sport bikes (Naked & Rockets) Japan offers approx. 38 different models (not including the ABS variations). I really like a lot of the street bikes that are sold in Europe and even in our neighbor up North that are not available here. Is the reason because America is Cruiser Crazy? Or is it all about what the bike $$$ say what will ? My point is can we get some more options for cool middle weight sport bikes in the US that are great for commuting and performance riding? Am I alone in this rational and is there really no market for this type of rider in the US? Japan if you are listening please take back 4 cruiser options and give us 4 more street bike options (True Naked's preferably, looking at you Mr. Yamaha and Mr. Kawasaki)!!

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