Alert: The NYPD Crack Down

Hello All, For the past two evenings, as I was commuting home South Bound on the Henry Hudson Parkway, (aka West Side Highway), I saw bikes being pulled over and towed in a very systematic way on the North Bound (normal flow of rush hour for the evening) by the George Washington Bridge exit.

Two evenings ago, during rush hour, I saw 4 police cars pulling over 2 guys on bikes, that didn't look your typical SQUID types, they were simply commuters.

Last night, same exact spot, about 8 bikes were being pulled over, with two police cars present and a tow truck. The two truck was towing one bike, however there was a line of bikes next to it, ready to be towed. These bikes included late model Ducatis as well. And again the riders on the scene, were motorcycle commuters and not your typical SQUID type.

This is a systematic, intentional, anti-motorcyclists campaing that is being waged by the NYPD. It is a clear violation of our rights, because their method is discriminatory and without doubt show not only profiling but intention to confiscate our citizen's property and apprehend them based on their choice of vehicle.

There is no difference between this tactic, or if NYPD was setting up check points to pull people over based on the color of their skin.

This is highly illegal.

I hope enough people hear about this and I specially want to see media start reporting on this. And I hope we can pull together to force NYPD to back down. They are so worried about $200 million law suits, they tend to back out easily with the first sign of trouble. But we need to show our presence and the media can help.

Please pass this e-mail around. And alert all motorcyclist who have gone through this unfortunate experience to contact the AMA at:

Mr. Imre Szauter
Legislative Affairs Specialist
American Motorcyclist Association
614-856-1900, ext. 1125
[email protected]

and file a report. AMA will only accept direct, first party complaints.

For now, mind your riding in the city. Don't think because you're on a Beemer, you're not going to be targeted, from what I saw, they don't care what you ride, or worse how old you are. They want your bike and they have tow trucks on the scene to remove them.

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