Paris-Dakar Results

Per-Gunnar Lundmark of Sweden won his first stage of the rally byclocking 4:23:46 on his KTM motorcycle. He finished 4:18 in front of Chilean Carlo de Gavardo and 6:13 ahead of third-placed South African Alfie Cox.

Fabrizio Meoni of Italy finished only seventh on his KTM but easilymaintained his overall race lead.

He is still over 21 minutes in front of Spaniard Jordi Arcarons with de Gavardo 37:11 off the pace in third spot.

Saturday's 12th leg is 654 kms from Nouakchott to Tidjikja, whichincludes a 580-km special stage.

Results of Friday's 437km 11th special stage of the Paris-Dakar Rally during the 508km leg from Atar to Nouakchott in Mauritania:

1. Per-Gunnar Lundmark (Sweden) KTM 4:23.462. Carlo de Gavardo (Chile) KTM 4:28.043. Alfie Cox (South Africa) KTM 4:29.594. Isidre Esteve Pujol (Spain) KTM 4:30.395. Kari Tianen (Finland) KTM 4:30.42 Overall standings: 1. Fabrizio Meoni (Italy) KTM 32:57.362. Jordi Arcarons (Spain) KTM 33:18.493. De Gavardo 33:34.474. Esteve Pujol 33:53.085. Cox 34:16.22
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