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This is not necessarily motorcycle related but I have been wondering about this for years.

When submitting or renewing a subscription or completing a survey, we are often asked our yearly household income. I always question how to calculate the answer.
Do you just put in your wages only or add in additional benefits?
I get all my gas for my commute paid for by my employer. This amounts to around $3500 per year at today’s prices. Do I add this to my wage income? Do I add maybe $4700 for the gas as this may be the amount my pay would have to increase to get the $3500 after taxes, SSI, disability etc? I also get $1000 per year toward dental and vision. Do I factor in a high number? Another perk is 100% paid heath insurance. The insurance is over $12,000 per year. Do I add $12,000 or something higher? I also have a 401k match. What about stock and savings account interest increases? Any comments?

Just tell 'em you read MO. You'll get a sympathy "go to the front of the line" bypass allowing you to skip all further questions. --MO

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