Windscreen Help Please

Could someone please help me?

I live in Oklahoma and just picked up a new Honda VTX1300 R. After a nice ride on Sunday of about 250 miles I am beat to death from the wind. The guys I ride with all say I need a wind screen, and to a point I agree. However I am totally lost on which one to get.

I have looked at Memphis shades, National Cycles, and every other major brand out there. Not sure what Height I want and what style I want. What I want is the following.

A windscreen that is going to keep the majority of the wind off of me yet still let my Arai helmet breath. My normal riding temp is around 100degrees F. So some air flow is very important. My helmet is the Arai Coolmax type with all the vents.

I am seriously looking at the National Cycle deflector with its adjustable rake, but not sure if it will give me enough protection from the wind.

An adjustable rake screen seams like the best option for me. The height on the Memphis Cycles one was 18 “according to the template they used at the dealer. Other then the internet is there any place that sells the national cycle’s brand of windscreens?

Thank you all for your help.
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