Hyosung Motors Changes Name, Announces New President.

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
From Hyosung Motors:

Hyosung Motors and Machinery, Inc. has recently changed its name to S&T Motors Co., Ltd., as the majority of Hyosung Motors and Machinery stock has been acquired by the S&T Corporation. Mr. Lee, Jung Dal has been appointed as the new CEO and President of S&T Motors Co., Ltd. Mr. Choi, Pyung Kyu of the S&T Group holds the majority shares of the company. The former CEO, Mr. Hong, W.K. has resigned. S&T Group’s principal business is manufacturing heat exchangers, automotive parts, accessories for motor vehicles as well as various defense industry products. Additional products also include axles, gears, transmissions, machine tools and castings.

Since 1978 S&T Motors Co., Ltd. has been driven by the passion of building quality motorcycles, scooters and ATVs. That passion has driven technical developments and advancements that have made S&T Motors Co., Ltd. the leader in Korea for motorcycle manufacturing.

S&T Motors Co., Ltd. has become a truly global manufacturer. Our products are available in 60 markets worldwide including the most competitive US market. S&T Co., Ltd. is also establishing a manufacturing facility in China for parts production. Through this global effort S&T Co., Ltd. will continue to develop new technology, new vehicle designs and cost reduction benefits to our consumers worldwide.

S&T Motors Co., Ltd. currently manufacturers a full line of scooters, ATVs and motorcycles from 50cc to 650cc. Expansion of the S&T Motors Co., Ltd.’s product line is currently under development with a luxury scooter and 1,000cc and larger displacement motorcycles.

S&T Motors Co., Ltd. has committed additional resources to the US market and will continue to do business in the US as Hyosung Motors America, Inc.

S&T Motors Co., Ltd. combines continued passion, commitment to R&D, product innovations and manufacturing expertise. S&T Motors Co., Ltd. will continue to gain global market share in the rapidly changing motorcycle industry and provide quality products to our customers.


From Hyosung Motors:

S&T Motors Co., Ltd. (formerly Hyosung Motors and Machinery, Inc.) has recently named Mr. Kim, Simon (Sangtack) as President of Hyosung Motors America, Inc. Mr. Kim transferred to Hyosung Motors America, Inc. from Hyosung Motors and Machinery, Inc. (Korea) to run the West Cost operations of Hyosung Motors America before he was appointed to the position of President.

Former President Mr. Park, Edward (Eunwoo) is currently working as a consultant to Hyosung Motors America, Inc. during this transition and is establishing his own business HYC Global Corp. in Latin America.

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