Offroad Legal Disclaimer

We ride on land owned by my father and some that is owned by a friends grandfather. They all contain gravel pits and are really a riot to ride on.

Recently more and more people have been asking to come ride with us. It has gone from my inner circle of trusted friends and family to acquaintances and their friends and colleagues showing up out there.

While I enjoy letting others join in the fun I believe it's becoming a legal liability for the actual owners of the land. There has been great debate in the community about the liability of land owners when having ATVs and dirt bikes riding with or without permission.

The overall impression is that regardless of what documents a person signs the insurance companies and/or relatives of people are going to go after "someone". Even if they don't win there is going to be hell to pay should someone get hurt or killed.

Has anyone out there crossed this road already? Is there anything that can be done than can completely absolve a landowner of responsibility in the case someone gets injured, killed, or otherwise damaged while riding on their land?
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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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