A Call for Writers for UNS Engine Project Book.

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by Motorcycle.com Staff
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One picture is worth 600-1000 words.
A call for writers for the UNS Engine Project book.

Daniel Peirce is seeking contributing writers for a book of his popular Up-N-Smoke Engine Project. As Peirce puts it, "The book will have 50 vintage motorcycle engine pictures in it. I’m just a photographer, I could never write with authority on all these vintage engines. I’m asking people who know these engines to contribute essays about them to use in the book." No payment involved and not all the essays submitted will be used in the book, but it could be your chance to be part of a significant historic motorcycle book project.

Peirce says that the complete image collection should be finished by the fall and that the deadline for essays is December 1, 2007. Just pick an engine in the collection that you have some experience with and follow the guidelines you’ll find at www.trickphotog.com, or http://www.trickphotog.com/Essay_Contribution.htm.

So, if you are knowledgeable about a particular engine marque, and would like some bragging rights, send Dan 600-1000 words about it. The UNS Engine Project book promises to be both visually stunning and a good read to boot.


(Contact me at [email protected] for engine images suitable for print or web publication.)


Submitted by Daniel Peirce, Trick Photography, [email protected], 817-658-8053

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