Triumph's Long Journey Home Staff
by Staff
Where were you in 1967? There are enough of you grey beards out there to remember buying a new Triumph. On the other hand, if you are old enough to remember the ‘60s you probably don’t really remember the ‘60s, if you can dig it.

Anyway, one of motorcycling -- and America’s -- great icons is Triumph motorcycles. Now in their second century, the Hinkley, England-based company is reporting stronger sales every year. They’re so confident, in fact, they went against their better judgment and invited maximum MOron Ets-Hokin to try out their cruiser range in lovely Morro Bay, CA. He immediately tackled the tough questions: What makes your bikes so good? What are your plans for the US market? Is there an open bar?

Get the straight poop straight from the source; the 2007 Triumph Cruisers Press Introduction Report!

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