Sainct Pulls Out of Dakar

Richard Sainct pulled out of the Dakar Rally today after his engine broke during the difficult 10th stage.

Sainct, who has won this event the last two years, encountered trouble during the 273-mile trek betwen El Ghallaouiya and Atar, the Paris control center said...

Before his engine trouble, Sainct fell off his KTM but was not injured, organizers said. He was taken to Atar in a medical vehicle.

South African Alfie Cox won the 10th stage. He covered the timed special section in 5 hours, 2 minutes, 4 seconds.

Fellow KTM rider Jordi Arcarons of Spain was second in 5:03:03, with Italian teammate Fabrizio Meoni third in 5:03:58.

Spain's Juan Roma, a BMW rider, crashed out of the race and sprained his right knee, the control center said. He was third in the standings after Tuesday's stage. American Jimmy Lewis moves up a spot to sixth place.

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